Friday, February 4, 2011

February Contest Winner

After busting my prize box of 2010 Bowman Chrome (thank you Uncle Moe from My 2008 Topps Set Blog) I found that I had one orange refractor. These fall one every 284 packs. For the contest this month, you had to guess the team, player and serial number out of 25.

Easy, right?

Before we show off the orange refractor, lets look at the one auto from the box. It's Alex Liddi, Seattle Mariner Double A dude. The sig is terrible, but it's on card so I won't complain...too much.

Now, for the orange refractor. Here is the card I got.

J.A. Happ of the Houston Astros. Daily Dimwit gets one entry in the contest for guessing the team. The serial number on the back is next.

I have to apologize for the poor pics (from my Iphone) and the bad edit. Still, you see the numbering on the card is #21/25. Two people, Matt Hickes and Jeremy, guessed the serial number 21. They each get 5 entries into the contest.
Of course, I did a video of the randomization and here it is.

Congrats to Matt Hickes. Matt, you'll be getting all the Cubs from the box!

Thanks for entering everyone.