Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm done, but not finished

Welcome to another premium content, image free post. (sigh)

I'm done with 2011 Topps Series 1.

Well, I still need cards, but I won't be spending any more money on it. I bought 2 more rack packs and one of those 72 count boxes that replaced the cereal boxes and that's it for me.

I did better with the rack packs. Out of 72 cards, I got 18 more I needed. I also got a Michael Young gold parallel. I'm as tired of the gold parallels as everyone else, but it's nice to actually pull a Ranger for once.

The 72 count box only added 2 needed cards, plus a Vlad Guerrero Kimball mini and the Honus Wagner special insert (yawn).

So that leaves me with the following base needs to complete Series 1.


I have a huge stack of base dupes so let's make a deal.


  1. I have numbers: 24,86,89,139,253,266,271,199. I'll put these in the stack for you.

  2. Mostly struck out on your needs, but I've got 89 and 139 if you need those still. Also have 2010 Heritage 31 and 290 for you, and 2008 Ginter 202, 207 and 259 if you still need any of those.

    My want list is here and the rest of my trade list is here.

  3. If you have any of my 2011 Topps needs, I've got a few cards off your list. Want-list is on the right sidebar at