Monday, February 14, 2011

Eight is Enough...or is it?

I finally found some 2011 Topps Rack Packs. And Blasters. And looseys.

I read a number of reviews of the various types of packages and decided the rack pack would be the best value for me. My eyes got the better of me and I grabbed 8 rack packs in all.

My first card was this...

Nick Markakis.

My first Ranger was...

Michael "I wanna trade" Young.

I even got a quasi-hit, this lovely white swatch Carlos Zambrano jersey card.

I'll bet right now you're saying to yourself, "Mr. Play at the Plate dude, there aren't any images even though it looks like your wrote this post around some awesome images of the cards you pulled."

Well, you're right if you're saying that. Unfortunately, last week when I lost the ability to access AND comment on YOUR blog posts (thanks to the IT folks here at work), I also lost the ability to upload images to my blog posts. I can still get into blogger, but I can't load images. Fun times.

As you may or may not know, I've been blogging from work since the beginning. I can't argue with the fact that it's been nice to be able to do that, but it looks like those days are over. Unfortunately, I have almost zero time to blog at home (again, I'm not complaining because I know 99% of you are blogging from home). I'll post when I can and I'm trying to do something about the setup to make it easier so I can get back to my regular posting.

I know you are so relieved to hear that. Or more likely, you haven't even noticed my lack of posting recently.

By the way, as for the 2011 Topps, I love the diamond parallels, Toppstown is better (although still annoying) and the design is nice. I see too many inserts (shocking!) and too much manufactured relic-like stuff, although I'll be wanting any Rangers for the collection. Overall, I like it although spending will be seriously cut back this year from last.

On a side note, I just got my two wrapper redemption packs for Topps Chrome (you may remember I won the wrappers in Joe Collector's case break randomization). Topps was up to their usual hijinx and I'll be posting that when I get a chance.

*The image you saw on my earlier post today was an experimental email post from my phone*

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  1. You better get that fixed soon. The '75 blog is hurtin' without you!

    (Well, not hurtin. Just like you're the only one who's not too chicken to comment).