Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Ring "Express"

The dig feature in the new Topps Diamond Giveaway site is going to have to grow on me, but it does offer an interesting addition to last year's Million Card Giveaway.

It doesn't hurt that the first ring I "dug" was this Nolan Ryan ring. Too bad it's a virtual ring and I'll never do anything more than see it on the computer screen. I really want to get that vintage pack from 1970 (cough cough), I mean 1989.

Has anyone gotten a die-cut card yet?


  1. Here's the one die-cut I've seen so far in Blowout breaks: (Ike Davis). It's funny because comparatively they've been doing nuts with the 1/1 Diamond cards (including Strasburg and Carlos Pena off the top of my head).

  2. I don't get the virtual ring thing. What is the point of them?

  3. As a Ranger fan you may be interested in my post today: