Sunday, February 20, 2011

Millions or Diamonds?

Now that the Diamond Giveaway is live and many of us have had a chance to redeem codes for our shiny virtual rings, I have a question.

What is your opinion of the Diamond version compared to the Million Card version?

As someone who went nuts over the 2010 Transmogrifier, I think I'm less inclined to overspend to get codes this year. Perhaps it's the fact that I can't trade on the site yet, or maybe it's more due to the unimpressive cards I've unlocked this time around. Maybe I'll feel differently if I unlock one of those die-cut cards or the much more rare diamond embedded 1/1 cards.

It's very likely that Topps will get less of my money this year, at least for the Flaghip set, although I do like the sparkly diamond parallels and Kimball minis.

Comments, thoughts, wisecracks?


  1. I think I would have liked the Diamond Giveaway better if they left out the 1989 Topps commons.

    Just let us enter our codes to try to win the Diamond Cards and tell us "better luck next time" if we don't. That way, it would have felt like a new promotion instead of a re-hashed gimmick.

  2. just started reading your blog - great stuff...

    i have about 8 codes to put in, probably going to do it this week, but i didnt participate last year, so i have little to compare it to...

    looking forward to it, though...

  3. I pretty much agree with randombaseballstuff on this one.

  4. I like the Diamond Dig idea as it adds something else to go for. (also doesn't hurt that I dug up a prize either!)