Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Bad and the Ugly

I posted the good earlier.

The company IT department cut off access to the blogosphere. That's right, I can't access any blogs from work anymore. That really puts a damper on my ability to read and comment on blogs. The weird thing is that it looks like I might be able to access blogger and post, but even reading my own blog is impossible. *Heavy sigh*

The ugly is that my oldest boy came down with the flu today. No fun (although I'm at the Stars game so I feel a little guilty).

Go Stars!!


  1. Don't they know that your ability to comment and read blogs is essential to your work performance? Ugh. Maybe a smartphone is the answer? Sorry to hear, and I hope your son feels better!

  2. Hope your son gets better soon.

    That is one good thing about being in the job I am -- you could never ban the workers from the internet, it's a hugely valuable tool of the job.

  3. I have an IPhone, but commenting with it us a pain. Maybe it's because I'm old and don't text much.

    I can access lots if stuff on the Internet including YouTube of all things, but they cut off the blogs.

    Thanks for the well wishes for my son.

  4. I may or may not use this program to access my computer at home (from work) - in theory, of course. But not really.

    I actually don't even really have time to do a lot of web browsing when I'm at work, but it's handy for reading emails whenever I want. I mean... if I did that. Theoretically.

  5. Blogs got blocked for me once upon a time also. I could still access the ones off my dashboard though.