Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A shiny recap

I recently posted the good (to me) news about finding some 2014 Topps Chrome.  Oh sure, I lamented the fact that I had planned on saving my money, but who was I kidding?  Topps Chrome is probably my favorite set after Ginter.  In fact, I like shiny so much, I'd forego Flagship before I'd give up Chrome.

Wait, don't unsubscribe just because I'm addicted to shiny stuff.   We all have our weaknesses.

I'll show you the Value Pack and the Blaster and you can tell me which was the better "Value".

I showed off the "Bonus" Pack of Orange refractors from the Value Pack, but considering I got Masahiro Tanaka and Mike Trout, I thought I'd show them again.

The Value Packs come with three regular packs as usual.  Pack 1 was National-centric with a Carlos Gonazlez Chrome Connectors Die-Cut insert, which come 1:12 packs.  With only 4 cards, any insert has to be considered a win.

Pack two was all A.L.  No Rangers of course and all kinds of Sox.

Pack three gave up another Red Sox player, this time a David Ortiz X-Fractor.  You might get a refractor, you might get an X-fractor, but don't count on getting any color in retail.  Here are the odds for the various refractors:

Refractor--1:3 packs
X-fractor--1:6 packs
Blue (#/199)--1:40 packs
Black (#100)--1:80 packs
Sepia (#/75)--1:105 packs
Gold (#/50)--1:160 packs
Red (#/25)--1:320

If you like color like I do...good luck!  I know it  can be pulled because I've seen it.

This is the back of the David Ortiz X-fractor.  It doesn't say X-fractor on the back, but it does say "REFRACTOR".  Do you see it?

Maybe this will help.

That's it for the Value Pack.  One Chrome Connections insert, one X-fractor and no Rangers.  Oh yea, the Orange Tanaka and Trout are nice.

Let's move on to the Blaster.  

Pack 1 already wins with a Ranger, even if it is Alex Rios.  Nothing personal, but I don't know if he'll be here next season.  I also got my first regular refractor, Wilmer Flores.

Pack 2 gives up a Chrome Connections Die-Cut of former Ranger, Chris Davis.  I get a pair of catchers from New York too.

Hey now, another catcher it's 1st baseman Joe Mauer. And three other base cards.  Yes, yes, I know it's Oscar Taveras.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

How about another regular refractor?  It's a Pirate this time so like the first one, it's not getting me too excited.  Hey look I got a er...arru...Dodger shortstop too!

Man, that is a lot of black and orange.  A pair of Joneseseseseses...and Hunter.  At least I got an X-fractor too.  I'm sure there must be an O's fan out there somewhere who could appreciate this one.

PUIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!  It doesn't have the same ring as it did last year.

Pack 7 yields another refractor, this time from the Evil Empire.  Double meh.

Can you say "Bonus pack"!?  Can you use lot's of exclamation points when you do!?!!!!!!?!!!!!!?  My bonus pack had a Fowler chasing an Oriole and a Medical Homer.  I know that's a stretch, but it's 5 in the morning and I'm tired.

I didn't get any hard to get shiny colored refractors, but I still like Chrome.

Sue me*.

*No don't.  It's just an expression.


  1. Weird spot for them to hide "Refractor".

  2. I'd be interested in taking the Royals off your hands if you're looking to move them. Shoot me an email if you think we can work a deal.

  3. you pulled some dodgers, you say?

  4. I've been putting together a little package for you and could use that Fowler if you still have him. Let me know.