Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How do I put these in order?

As a rule, baseball cards are easy to put in order.  Card companies put a number on the back and you put them order.  Maybe you have the whole set, maybe it's a team set.  Either way, you just put them in number order and you're done.

Sometimes, you get a few crazy cards just like these.

Sure, they look like normal Ginter minis.  They are not.  They are hiding a dirty little secret.

You see, these minis don't have numbers.  So sad, I just don't know how I'll put these in order without numbers.

Derek Holland doesn't have a number either.

Prince Fielder didn't have a good start with the Rangers and his mini doesn't have a number.

I guess I'll just have to live with these pesky no number minis.  At least I know there are only 49 others out there in baseball card land.

This Joe Mauer mini has a number.  Unfortunately I might add.  I just showed it to complete the package I received from an Ebay seller who had all the no number Rangers.  Joe's happy.  I'm happy.
Everybody's happy.


  1. Yeah tough decision. Do you put them in alphabetical order? Or do you check with their numbered buddies and put them in the order they would be in if they had numbers? Or do you put them in player position order? Or in order of some player stat? Birth date? Major League Debut? Rangers Debut?

    Glad I don't need to make that decision. :)

  2. #1 Rule of card club - Don't talk about card club.

    #2 Rule of card club - Make sure all cards in card club have #'s on the back for sorting purposes.

    #3 Rule of card club - Email me your address, so I can send you the Rangers from my Chrome and Finest break.