Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One of a Kind

Derek Holland takes the mound for his fourth start of the season tonight.  He'll be looking to add to the stink that is the A's last 50 games and hopefully spoil their wildcard hopes.

Derek is 1-0, but should be 3-0.  He has 21 IP and has 17 strikeouts and zero walks.  His ERA is 0.86 and his WHIP is 0.95.  Sure, it's a small sample size, but I think Derek was ticked about the Rangers poor season and the fact that he missed out on most of it.

Here's to Derek adding to his impressive totals tonight and giving the Rangers their 5th straight win.

And here's another Derek 1/1 to go with it.

I think that's the White Ice version from 2014 Bowman.

I KNOW it's a one of a kind.

Go Rangers!


  1. You're the guy who outbid me on that! Actually you and one other person outbid me on it, but it's good to see it went to a good home.

  2. I was watching...I should have bid. I seem to remember that I owe you one for bidding me up on the Cruz '14 GQ wood mini...and stealing the '13 BC yellow refractor from me...

  3. Awesome card. Great pitching duel tonight... Samardzija and him are going toe to toe. Gotta admit... I'm hoping the A's come out on top. Oh wait... Fuld just singled and Soto scored!