Tuesday, September 16, 2014


My days as a night shift worker are rapidly coming to a close.  I've been working in my new position for a while now, but until all the other job openings get filled, I've been splitting time between days and nights.

One bad thing about working days is the traffic.  Another bad thing is the fact that I can't do anything with my cards.  I know, I know.  You're all feeling soooooooooooooooo sorry for me.  Poor little PATP can't do the collecting/trading thing at WORK!

You should feel sorry for me, but not just me.  My ability to write the blog has suffered as has my time to mail out packages.  That's a really sad thing for you and your mailbox.


This is my locker at work.  It used to be stuffed with cards.  I've been in the process of taking them all home.  Most of what is left in here is part of the stuff to be mailed out.  Some of it is Rangers stuff and some it is just a hodge podge of stuff that needs to be sorted.

I hope to get the writing and trading back on track once the transition is complete.  In the meantime...check me out on Twitter @patpdude.  I might even Tweet something.  


  1. Good luck with the transition! I'm now following you on Twitter.

  2. One of these days you're going to have to tell me what you actually do. Because I want a locker like that at work.

    1. Yeah... no kidding! I have all kinds of storage at work, but NO time whatsoever. So jealous.

  3. Here, have a Twitter follow. Good luck with the new position!

  4. I totally understand the lack of time. I ebb and flow in my available time for sorting, scanning and blogging about cards. But that's how it is I guess since we can't make a living off the hobby.

    PS: When you do mail stuff out, send me an email with the cost of mailing those cards to me that I requested from those boxes you bought from the former dealer friend. I'll send you some paypal and/or something else.

  5. Man... that locker looks awesome. What I wouldn't give to have the opportunity to dig through it and see all of the goodies inside of that thing.

    By the way... received your email. I'll get those cards shipped out to you later in the week, so you can add them to that locker.