Friday, September 5, 2014

Signs of the apocalypse

A card section with three 2014 Topps Blaster and two types of Panini crap.

They are on the bottom right, third row from the bottom. The rest is at stocked to to hilt with untouched gaming and Pokemon drivel.



  1. Ugh. I feel for you. I hate that football, basketball, and NASCAR are elbowing baseball out of the way.

    1. But this is worse. Far worse. (oops...hit publish too soon!).

  2. I went into one of my local walmarts today and as I walked up to the card aisle I noticed that it looked like it had been reset and looked great. But then as I got close I saw that it was mostly gaming crap. That was disappointing. But there was a little more baseball stuff than that.

  3. The Wal-Marts around here are also removing almost all sports cards from the shelves and either downsizing the whole aisle or filling the space with gaming cards.

  4. Same here. It is sad when Fred's Dollar Store has more selection, and it'sa ll from 2010 or earlier. Yeesh.

  5. For every student I come across that collects sports cards... there are twenty (maybe thirty) who play those CCG's. I totally thought Pokemon was the Beanie Babies of cardboard... but they have risen from the ashes, like the Phoenix. Huge following at my school.