Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Laughing all the way to the bank

I think a lot of non-Dodgers fans were blown away by the 7 year, $180 million deal the Dodgers signed with Clayton Kershaw before the season.

After posting (so far) an 18-3 record with and ERA of 1.67, 210 K's to go along with only 27 walks, it's clear the Dodgers are laughing all the way to the bank.  Clayton Kershaw is head and shoulders above the rest of the league.  You can throw out all the names you want, Hernadez, Cueto, Scherzer...list them all and none of them can carry Kershaw's jock.  Not that they'd want to because that's just gross.

As long as Kershaw keeps pitching like this, the Dodgers are getting a bargain.

Speaking of getting a bargain, I got a few from the same seller on Ebay the other day and Kershaw was one of them.

I was buying a couple of cheap Rangers Bowman Platinum parallels when I checked the sellers other items.  I got this 2014 Bowman Platinum Clayton Kershaw gold parallel for a whole quarter.

I got a little carried away and accidentally bought a Cub prospect while I was at it, but I also ended up with a purple Rougned Odor and a purple Jorge Alfaro.  A quarter each so not to bad.

I have hopes of putting together the ugly 1970 Topps set someday because that's my birth year.  I bought a little well-loved star power towards that goal.  These 6 gems set me back a whole 99 cents.

I was just about finished shopping when I spotted this 1963 Post Don Drysdale.  I thought it was fitting to start and finish with a great Dodgers pitcher so this was perfect.  The cost?  If you guessed a quarter, you were correct.  That's a grand total of $2.24 for a great little lot of cards.

Like the Dodgers, I got a good value.  Unlike the Dodgers, my team won't be in the playoffs.


  1. Let's hope for the Dodgers sake they stay competitive. A couple of high salary, last place finishes and almost your entire starting rotation ends up on other teams. Trust me, I know.