Friday, December 17, 2010

Final Tradeathon Update?

I'm going to try to work out deals with Cardsplitter and MMosely through the weekend and then the entry to the MCG Tradeathon will be closed. This may be the final update before I start making trade offers for vintage cards to give away. I want to start that process on Monday and have it all wrapped up so I can have my cards shipped by the end of the month.

So here are the latest cards added to the stockpile.

First up are two trades with Too Many Grandersons. In exchange for a 1979 Jason Thompson, he sent over the following:

1976 Dick Lange

1976 Manny Trillo
1982 Willie Randolph
2005 Placido Polanco
2007 Classic Combo Card Mets

Later,we did a second deal and I traded away the 1970 Gates Brown for this...

1967 Fred Whitfield

That brings up yet another trade with The Collective Troll.
I sent him a lovely (did I just say that?) 2007 Cleveland Indians Team card for these cards:

1978 Warren Cromartie

1979 Ed Herrmann
1987 Mark McGwire
2006 Adam Dunn

Last, but certainly not least, was one more trade with Jimmy from Prophet Got It... Jimmy sent over these awesome cards in exchange for a 2005 Placido Polanco.

1960 Chuck Cottier
1969 Ollie Brown
1978 Don Baylor
1978 Gary Matthews
1979 Mike Garman
1979 Pete Vuckovich
1979 John Ellis
1980 Doyle Alexander
1980 Jerry Augustine
1980 Tom Dixon
1982 Rick Cerone
1983 Mark Belanger
1984 Mike Jorgensen
1985 Tom Brunansky
1987 Dale Murphy
1990 Randy Milligan
1990 Tom Lampkin
2001 Dustin Hermanson

That was a great trade...a little lopsided maybe, but that's what the Tradeathon is all about. That brings the unofficial count to 86 cards, but I know there are more because I have 12 codes to redeem that were sent by Derek from Hey, That's Mine fame.


  1. yea that was an awesome trade...if it helps you any; the vintage cards that i did pull-i just entered all the codes I had at one time (back-2-back). I didn't care which cards were unlocked prior.

  2. Nice blog you've got going here...I saw your comment on Drop You Gloves About the contest and thought I'd check it out...I also have a blog (hockey card) called
    If you have time tell me what you think!

  3. I've got:
    Albie Pearson 1960 - Outfield - Baltimore Orioles
    1969 Rookie Stars Card 1969 - New York Yankees
    John Strohmayer 1972 - Pitcher - Montreal Expos
    Johnny Oates 1979 - Catcher - Los Angeles
    Steve Kemp 1979 - Outfield - Detroit Tigers
    Alvis Woods 1982 - Outfield - Toronto Blue
    Ron Guidry 1982 - Pitcher - New York Yankees
    Ivan Rodriguez 2001 - Catcher - Texas
    Roger Cedeno 2001 - Outfield - Houston Astros

    If you think they would help your cause at all, let me know.
    My email is myusername (at) cox (dot) net