Wednesday, December 15, 2010

State O' the Sphere followup

It appears that my state o' the sphere post hit a nerve with some people. It's not often I get 13 comments on a non-contest post. The nice thing is that it shows people are still reading, even if the number of posts out there are decreasing (or maybe not).

There were a number of reasons given for the possible slowdown.

Four people cited taking (or giving) final exams for school as part of the problem. I remember those days and I don't think I would have been reading blogs, much less writing one, during finals.

Four people said, and I know it's true because I read their work, that their blogs are either ramping up or continuing normal posting patterns.

Four people gave the holidays as a primary culprit for a blog slowdown. Is it January yet?

Two people blamed it on Topps and/or Panini. I know only two people said it, but the monopoly is killing the hobby. Along with a myriad of other things.

One person, and I think he's onto something here, said it was just me.

He may be the smartest one of all of us.


  1. For me it is the combo of the holidays and final exam grading.

  2. "He may be the smartest one of all of us."

    I may be onto something, but that last line is way off base. ;-)

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