Thursday, December 2, 2010

Planting Seeds Update

A few days ago I mentioned an idea I had to plant some seeds to "grow" future collectors. That original post can be seen here.

Yesterday was my first planting day.

I made up 30 team set bags with 25 cards in each one. I slipped a couple of relic cards and a couple of autographed cards into ramdom packages. I cleared it ahead of time with my son's teacher and he went to school with 10 of the packages. He passed them out just before the end of the school day, per our agreement with the teacher. He only gave them to some of the boys in his class.

In the 10 minutes it took for the students to be released and me to pick him up in front of the school, he had "at least 10" more kids from other classes ask for cards, including one girl. I expected the word to spread, but not that fast.

I'm going to send the other 15 pack with him today. Due to my huge garage sale a few years ago and all the trading I've done the last year, I don't have a ton of extra cards, but I'm going to spread the cards around as much as possible. Sometime in the new year, I'll start looking for some cheap lots of cards to pick up to we can keep planting seeds.

I'll give you another update soon. Thanks for all the emails and comments supporting our little "farm".


  1. I have some older cards like early to mid 90's that I can send you after the first of the year. They are stored at my parents house. Don't know if you'd want to give these kids cards that are older than they are though. I don't have a ton of recent stuff.

  2. My wife is a teacher, and she has used cards as an incentive for her students. They don't care if the cards are from the junk wax era, in most cases, they're happy to have them.

  3. In conrast to Derek, I have a lot of modern cards and not very many older ones. I'd be happy to send you any and all of them, if you wish.

  4. Derek and Cubsfan, there will be another update on that post and then we'll talk about cards.