Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

Night Owl mentioned Topps' laziness in his "Worst Card of 2010" post yesterday. It had to do with a reused play at the plate picture on two Joba Chamberlain cards. It's definitely lazy on Topps part, but those are modern day cards that I don't care that much about.

This is something else altogether. A peek at some of the early cards of one of my favorite childhood players and someone who is on my player collection list.

Do you see the similarites?

1960 Yaz

1961 Yaz

1963 Yaz

1964 Yaz

1968 Yaz

1969 Yaz

That's just sad. I can almost understand the '60 and '61, but the others? As most of you already know, these are just examples from one player. There are many other vintage cards that have the same photos. In order to complete my player collection, I need both the 1960 and 1961 Yaz, but I sort of feel cheated since it's the same card with a different design.

Do I even need to ask how you feel about it? Ok...I will. How do you feel about it?


  1. Doesn't bother me even close to how much it bothers me when I see it in today's cards. There was much less access to photos of players back then. It's almost understandable.

  2. Hey B,

    Do you own that Carl Furillo caRd on top of your blog? if you do, would tou trade it to me??

  3. Back in the day it didn't bother me (neither did the major hat airbrushing), but today it bugs me because the same picture gets put on not only two cards in two years, but often the same year in two or more sets.

  4. I could see that happening sometimes in the 60s for lesser players but k'mon three times to Yaz? Wow.