Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just when I think I'm out...they drag me back in!

Just when I think I'm done getting new trades for the MCG Tradeathon, I get another one. Or in this case, two.

I finally touched base with mmosley of Stats on the Back. We played email tag for three full weeks before we got a deal done. I sent Mark a highly collectable 2005 Bronson Arroyo in exchange for the following:

1960 Chuck Tanner
1976 Bigg Pocoroba
1978 Earl Weaver
1979 Jim Mason
1982 Glenn Hubbard
1987 Steve Garvey
1991 John Olerud
1993 Juan Gonzalez
1999 Will Clark
2000 Javy Lopez
2006 Clint Hurdle

The second trade was with Dawgbones aka Richard. You should check out his "blog with the incredibly long name." In exchange for a 1987 Mike Schmidt AS, Richard sent over:

1960 Albie Pearson
1969 Yankees Rookie Stars
1972 John Strohmeyer
1979 Johnny Oates
1979 Steve Kemp
1982 Ron Guidry
1982 Alvis Woods
2001 Roger Cedeno
2001 Ivan Rodriguez

Thanks guys! I'll be starting the trade process in the next day or so!

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