Monday, October 15, 2012

A tale of two victors

This will only be interesting to me, but I'm rooting for the Cardinals to repeat as World Series Champs.  I know what you're thinking.  "Hey, you hated the Giants for beating the Rangers in 2010, how come you don't hate the Cardinals for the beating the Rangers in 2011?"  

Well, I do sorta hate the Cardinals for beating the Rangers, but of all the teams left, I want them to win.  I can't root for the Yankees or Giants.  I'm so indifferent about the Tigers it's disturbing.  That leaves the Cards. 

I think it would be great for them to win the Series because that would leave Albert Pujols wishing he'd had a little loyalty to his team and not left to chase a few more dollars.  You don't think Cards fans would throw that in his face do you? 

Speaking of the Giants, I got a great package of cards from Adam over at ARPsmith's Sportscard Obsession

He sent over vintage greatness. 

Numbered parallelness. 

Museum quality ink. 

Orange parallels...not to be confused with Orange Julius. 

The swatch that started it all.

Two REAL (or not) swatches from two CLEAN (or not) Rangers legends. 

My very first Toby Harrah auto ( I don't care that it's faded)  If I can, I'm going to get him to re-sign the card.  That would be cool. 

Last, but not least, I got this Justin Bieber card.  It's making the rounds as the "Old Maid" card in trade packages.  So far it's gone from Nachos Grande to Arpsmith to me.  Someone will be "gifted" this card very soon!

Thanks for the great cards! 


  1. Well, this Giants certainly didn't represent that well last night. Hoping for a bounce back performance tonight.

    Glad you got the cards and like them. Thanks again for the great trade!

  2. I'm pulling for the Giants... but as long as the Yankees don't win, I'll be content. Speaking of Toby Harrah, loved that guy in the 80's.

    You inspired me to go out and grab an autograph of him. Just purchased a 1/1 TriStar autograph off of COMC.