Friday, October 5, 2012

One is the loneliest number

It's true.   The Rangers need only one win to make the playoffs.  They shouldn't even be in that position, but they did it to themselves.  We'll know in a few hours whether the fans in Baltimore or the fans in Texas are happy. 

As for me, I'm just happy to be back writing on the blog.  As I mentioned this morning, I received a number of packages during the last three weeks.  I'm not normally one to combine trade packages into the same post, but in the interest of getting back to normal around here, I'm going to present one card from 8 different packages.  I should say that I really feel like all of you deserve your own post, but if I wait to do that, it might never happen. 

Let's start off with a shiny bang.  Dan over at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop sent over a stack of Rangers, including this 2002 Topps Tribute Nolan Ryan card.  It's celebrating Nolan's 5000th strikeout.  

Julie from Funner Here added to what I can only assume is the largest Hank Blalock relic collection on earth.  She sent over a 2004 Bowman Sterling Blalock bat card. 

Things are getting a little frisky around here now.  Adam from My Cardboard Mistress sent over this nice 2012 A&G Craig Gentry auto.  I can see how pulling this card might be a letdown for most, but the Rangers team collector in me would be happy to pull it. 

Tom from The Angels, In Order declared war on a certain Canadian blogger by sending me this 2012 Topps Chrome Brian McCann orange refractor. 

I'll bet if you could tell this was a 1975 Topps Mini Jim Merritt, you'd know who sent it to me.  That's right, it was Night Owl

I won a contest over at the fine Arbitray Crap and one off the cards in the package was this 2011 Triple Threads Nelson Cruz, #12/36. 

Spiegel from Nomo's Sushi Platter (now, I'm hungry) sent over a trade starter.  He included this 2011 Bowman Platinum Miguel De Los Santos auto.  It's a card he's had for a while, but now it's mine, all mine!  (Cue maniacal laugh.)

We'll close out this edition of "oh my gosh, I'm way behind on my trade package posting", also known as OMGIWBOMTPP, with a pretty sharp Pudge card.  It was part of a very generous care package from Joe at The Sandlot

Many thanks to everyone for all the great cards!  I appreciate all of the cards and your fine efforts.  Thanks!


  1. It's good to see cards on here again!

  2. unbelievable. seriously.

    oh, and welcome back bud.

  3. Glad to see you back, man! Some great stuff here too. Gentry is one of my favorite Rangers, and that Ryan looks rad.