Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It was bound to happen sooner or later...

That's right, I'm selling the ring I won in the 2011 Diamond Giveaway promotion.  It's number 15 of 60 and I put it up for sale on Blowout last night.  If I don't get any offers there, it'll be on Ebay by the end of today. 

It was nice to have I suppose, but it's been stuck in the top of the closet in the box it arrived in, so maybe someone else will appreciate it more and I could use the money.  I'd rather have cards anyway. 

Cards like these two I got from Brad over at the appropriately named Brad's Blog

He sent me a pair of colorful Joe Mauer refractors from 2012 Chrome.  The blue is #104/199...

...and the black is #22/100.  There were other cards in the package, but my scanner is really grumpy so I didn't scan them all.  Thanks for all the great cards Brad!

I did manage to scan another couple of Blowout purchases.  

This is an oops because I managed to get two of these. That's what happens when you're not organized. 

It did come with this black refractor #2/100.  I have this love hate relationship with Chrome.  I love it.  That's obvious.  I just hate that you only get 4 cards per pack.  A very first world problem, I know.  

More is coming as we grind the gears getting this thing back up and running.  Go Rangers!!  

Oh.  Too late for that.   


  1. Hi! What is your name on Blowout? I am on the boards over there under the name of zachtruitt. Nice ring!

    1. I go by Play at the Plate over there too.