Monday, October 22, 2012

Look at all the cards I bought!

That's right, you just looked at all the cards from all the packs I've busted in the last month!  Exciting huh?

No, you're computer is not messing up.  I've been pack-free for over a month.  It's refreshing actually.  I haven't been disappointed one single time in the money I spent or the cards I got.  I DID buy three rack packs, but those are for the winners of the SEPTEMBER contest, and I'll be getting those in the mail eventually. 

I didn't set out to go cold turkey on the card aisle, but it did coincide with my flame out about 6 weeks ago.  I can't say I've really missed pulling a bunch of cards I don't want.  I don't know how long this self-imposed buying freeeze will continue either.  I'm inclined to see how long I can hold out. 

The good thing is I can still trade. 

Trading is more fun than opening packs anyway.

You can get sweet cards like this 1973 Topps Jeff Burroughs.  I was only three when these came out so I didn't bust any packs.  It's nice to get these vintage Rangers in trades. 

I also don't have to waste money pulling unwanted relics when I can trade for all the fake Ranger relics I can handle!  Sweet!!! 

The cards I just posted came from my great trading partner Jeremy over at No One's Going to Read This Blog.  You should be reading if you're not. 

Thanks Jeremy!!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. Only I didn't send you the relic. I didn't buy any Ginter so it can't be from me. It's nice though. The other package was mine; the random 73's and a 75 maybe?