Saturday, September 14, 2013

Another "I'm at work all day on Saturday" Contest

I'll be mailing out the prizes for the last contest on Monday, but I thought since I was stuck at work all day again, I'd run another contest.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me how many "hits" are in this picture.

I'm sorting my Rangers hits.  We have a short stack of miscellaneous on the left, a couple of Pacific cards, a few Playoff hits, some Leaf, Donruss, Bowman, Fleer and the two big stacks are Upper Deck and Topps.  I have more hits in another box, but this is the one I grabbed to sort so that's that.

All I need is a number.

And your favorite team.   If I have a hit for your favorite team, I'll include it with the packs I send as your prize.

Good luck and thanks for playing along.


  1. 107 sayeth Dawgbones, a Phillies Phan!!

  2. If those all be least 244. Tigers. Grrr! Stick it to the man.

  3. I'm going over the top of the other guesses (so far). 302

  4. 162, dodgers. hope you got the package i sent earlier this week!

    1. Not yet, but they take time to filter through the mail room here at work.

  5. 227.

    Jackèe told me to guess that.

  6. 134, Los Doyers (that's Dodgers, in case you took French in high school). Machos garcias and mercy buckets. (Thanks!)

  7. 198. I've had the luck of working all day the last three Saturdays, too. That's why I missed the last epic contest.


  8. 185, and if we're talking current teams, I'm stuck. All-time favorite team is the Brooklyn Dodgers. For most of my life, I was a Yankee fan until the Yankees told me my services wouldn't be required anymore by destroying their ballpark and their team. Team I'm rooting for this season (and have been on and off rooting for the past 2-3 years since I discovered the magic of Bob Walk on commentary), the Pirates.

    So, let's be bandwagon and go with Pirates for my team.

  9. I don't know what I'm guessing -- I'm at work and up to my eyeballs in crap.


    Dodgers, of course.

  10. 203, the same number of times that Tony Gwynn was intentionally walked in his career. Oh, and I like the Padres.

  11. 88 - as in the last time the dodgers won the World Series.

    But of course, Dodgers is the team.

  12. I'm gonna go with 205. Astros.

  13. Am I too late to the party?
    If not, 147. Favorite team: Cubs.

  14. 176, Blue Jays

    thanks for the contest!

  15. 287 Rockies!

  16. Going with 191...Cubs.

    Hope you're getting some nice overtime with the extra hours!