Friday, September 6, 2013

I don't hate sorting cards...

I know my post yesterday made it sound like I hated sorting cards.  That's not true.

I like sorting cards.  Pre-1980's cards.  Most Topps cards.  Donruss is ok.  Fleer...not too bad.  Early Upper Deck...sure, I love it.

The problem is when you get to the years when there are so many different sets by so many different companies that it gets almost impossible to sort without looking at the tiny little trademark year on the back.  So many inserts, so many brands.....I'm think I'm going blind.

Did I mention Bowman?  Don't even get me started on Bowman.

I've sorted and updated my checklists and have about 4000 cards to put into my master set boxes.  Yea, that's a metric ton of dupes, but I really had a good time knocking off a bunch of needs and being able to mark about 20 more team sets complete.

Next week, I'll be integrating the recently sorted cards into those master set boxes.  I'll also be doing a randomization for some of the people who were involved in my crazy Ginter red ink postings.  I should have about 10-12 packages ready to mail next week.

Thank God it's Friday.  I need a weekend to recover from all this terribly difficult work.  (He said with a smile.)


  1. sorting cards are the best part about cards! That is my OCD talking!

  2. Sorting is the activity referred to as "Playing With My Cards." Just wish I could do it for a living instead of wasting eight hours a day on stuff someone else wants me to do!

    BTW, I've got the Dodgers in the Prizm set break at View from the Skybox. The Greinke card is a Dodgers card, but it's from the '12/'13 transition period, and just says "Los Angeles" on it, so it's also kinda an Angels card. If I get two in the break, and you get an extra Trout or Pujols, do you by any chance want to have Chris to a little swap before shipping?