Thursday, September 12, 2013

Platinum VS. Platinum: Pack Disagreement Showdown

In an effort so take "war" out of the sports and sportscard world, I'll be having a Pack Disagreement Showdown today.  I'm not being too tongue in cheek with that comment because I agree with people who say the use of war and warlike references in the sporting world is ridiculous and disrespectful to the people who have faced real war.

You'll have to read the rest of this post using your best boxing announcer voice.

It's time for a Platinum VS. Platinum Pack "Slightly Angry with Each Other" Showdown.

In the red corner we have the reigning heavyweight champion, a value pack of 2013 Bowman Platinum!

In the blue corner we have the challenger, a value pack of 2013 Topps Platinum Football!  Football?  That's right Football!!

Both packs weigh in at 3 packs of 4 cards with a bonus pack of 3 colorful parallels!

Let's get it on!

Round 1

Bowman Platinum gets in the first blow and it's a colorful one!

The Bowman Platinum bonus pack of purple refractors includes Tyrone Taylor, Mark Montgomery and Daniel Corcino.  Unfortunately, that Yankee gets the BP a penalty for a low blow!

Topps Platinum brings the heat with "Flame" refractors of Stepfan Taylor, Kenjon Barner and Zach Ertz.

The judges score round one to Topps Platinum because even though they've never heard of any of those football players, none of them was a Yankee!

Round 2

Bowman comes out swinging, trying to even the score after a bad first round.

Miguel Sand and Dylan Bundy do little damage and the Mark Montgomery is yet another low blow, but the Sapphire (1:10) Adam Wainwright in the throwback uni is a solid right cross to the chin.

Topps Platinum is stunned, but will not go down without a fight.  

LeSean McCoy, Carson Palmer and Matthew Stafford make a valiant effort and the Ezekiel Ansah refractor should have packed a wallop, but instead only stumbled about the ring confused and bewildered.  The confusion was due to the fact that it's a refractor, but the ref couldn't figure out which kind.  The pack states there are black, frost, purple, gold, red, pink and camo refractors.  Well, the only one it could be judging from the appearance is Frost and that's a 1:327 pack hit so the ref (me) has his doubts.

Round 2 goes to Bowman.  That evens things up at 1 round apiece.

I also noticed on the back of some of the football cards, the player's Twitter handle is listed.  Notice McCoy's handle under hit personal statline at the top.  It's @CutonDime25.  Catchy, no?

Alright, let's move on to Round 3.

Bowman goes for the knockout!!

Prince Fielder and Matt Kemp set up the opponent for a Texas Ranger uppercut and a Byron Buxton refractor right hook.  The challenger is looking a little wobbly.

Topps Platinum just hangs on until the bell with the likes of Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, Eric Decker and another confusing refractory looking Eddie Lacy.

Round 3 goes to Bowman and gives them a commanding 2-1 lead with only one round to go.

Round 4.

Bowman moves in for the kill.

Were it not for the Yankees, it's possible Bowman would have already scored a knockout.  Bowman sends Didi Gregorius and Tyler Austin into the ring, followed closely by a gold (1:5) Billy Butler.  With less than a minute to go in the fight, Bowman knocks Topps to the ground with this beauty...

...a J.R. Graham Green refractor auto #218/399 (1:160).

Topps gets up from the canvas after a long 9 seconds and has little hope of winning this fight.

Jeremy Kerley, Jake Locker and an apparent black refractor (1:24) of rookie Tyrone Goard provide little help, but wait, a stunning right hand to the chin of Bowman has Topps on the verge of a win!

8...9...10!  Topps wins, Topps wins!  

The final pack contained a BCA Die-Cut Ribbon insert of Andrew Luck (1:240).  What a find for a retail pack.  This is already listed on Ebay and should nearly pay for both of these packs.

Stay tuned for a rant later today.  No, it's not about how stupid this post sounded when I was finished writing it.

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