Friday, September 13, 2013

Blown Away

Sometimes you get a trade offer that sounds good, but turns out to be great.  Such was the case when Judson from My Cardboard Habit wanted to make a deal.   Judson is a fellow Rangers collector and has some amazing cards.

Well, he did have some amazing cards.  Now I have a couple of them.

This 2013 Allen & Ginger Nolan Ryan SP is great, but it's just fluff.  

Judson is trying to get all the 2013 Heritage Managers cards autographed.  He must have gotten an extra Ron Washington because he sent this great card.

It keeps getting better.  How about this 2013 Tribute Yu Darvish blue parallel.  I never buy Tribute so this is amazing.  Almost as amazing as this...

Holy smokes.  That's a beautiful Mike Napoli auto, #16/35.  I was stunned when this card slid out of the package.  It's way more than I ever expected and makes me want to head over right now and start filling Judson's many Texas Rangers needs that he's been posting.

Thanks Judson!  I hope you enjoy the package I'm putting together for you.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards! The Wash auto was an extra TTM I had, I didn't know of anyone else that might enjoy it. As for the Napoli, it was an extra - I also have two others, numbered 1 and 2. Haha