Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Red Ink Auto Aftermath

I promised to randomize a rack pack of Ginter for everyone who hung around for the final hour of the red ink auto contest the other day.  I gave everyone who was there for the festivities one entry for each comment they made on that final post.

Here are the entrants:

Scott Crawford--12 entries
P-Town Tom--3 entries
Wilson--3 entries
Chris--6 entries
Dhoff--1 entry
Richard Nebe Jr.--3 entries
Brian Conrad--1 entry
Night Owl--1 entry
Need More Cardboard--2 entries

I had 15 comments on the post and Nachos Grande had 2.  Nachos was the winner so I left him out of this randomization.  JediJeff made a comment too, but it was well after the contest was over.

I randomized the list 3 times and the winner is...


Chris, get me your address and I'll get you your prize!

Thanks everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Hooray! I won! Sorry it is taking so long to get back to you (and everyone else I've been in contact with regarding various card shenanigans). My National Guard Drill Weekend threw my homework schedule off, which threw off my family schedule, which impeded my time for cards, which made me grouchy. I will send you an e-mail soon.