Thursday, September 12, 2013

Real Men Collect Pink

I promised a rant was coming in the post I put up this morning.  While preparing for that post, I realized I needed to do a little research first so I'll have a rant for you soon.

Now on to the reason for this post.  I've been pulling some pretty good stuff lately.  My son hit that Josh Hamilton hand numbered mini #d to 25.  I got the red ink auto from Ginter.  I pulled a patch card just yesterday that was a surprise (post forthcoming).  All that and I've never, ever pulled a pink parallel.

Well, I finally got one, but I didn't pull it myself.  It came from Jeff and all it's going to cost me is some Tigers cards.

Pink parallel AND a throw back uni?  What's not to like.  The Derek Holland card is #26/50 and a very welcome addition to my Rangers collection.  I appreciate Jeff thinking of me when he pulled it.

He sent over a bounty of other great Rangers like this 1997 Pinnacle XPress Rusty Greer.

Pinnacle may be back for 2013, but the lack of a license will keep it from ever being as great as this card.

Collect-A-Books are for cool kids and I guess that makes me one of the cool kids because now I have this great 1990 Nolan Ryan version.

This 1993 Score card brought back a flood of memories.  That is old Arlington Stadium where I experienced my first major league game.  If memory serves this site is now a parking lot for the Ballpark in Arlington which opened in 1994.

Thanks for the great package Jeff.  I hope you enjoy the return package as much as I enjoyed this one.

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