Sunday, September 15, 2013

What do you do when the Chipz are down?

Go to Target, that's what!

I've been wanting to open one of those pack of Chipz since I saw a few on the interwebs.  I haven't seen them at Wal-mart so I headed off to Target to see what I could find.

I plunked down a ten spot for 5 packs of Chips and another $6 for two packs of Pinnacle.  I don't like Panini and I didn't really like the cards I saw, but I like to open a pack of just about everything.  One thing I did like a lot was this card...

If you haven't seen one of these Clear Vision cards, you don't know what you're missing.  The scan does not do it justice.  This is one of the nicest cards I've seen in a LONG time and that's saying something because I'm a logo snob.  That's right, I need logos on my cards.  I'll definitely be looking to get any Rangers that have Clear Vision cards.

One thing I noticed in the first pack was a pair of Poseys.  I thought they were dupes until I noticed that the one on the right has a little Artist's Proof circle in the bottom left corner.  That is the ONLY difference from the regular card.  I don't get it honestly.  It's just not different enough, but I guess it'll make player collectors and set collectors a little crazy.

The first pack of Chipz had two Rangers.  I was "stoked" again...hats off to you if you get the reference.  I think the Neftali Feliz is a glow in the dark one and the Andrus is a regular one.  Two Rangers means I got 18 that aren't Rangers.  I think I may insert those in random trade packages unless anyone has any Rangers Chipz to trade.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. I kind of like Pinnacle, even w/o logos.
    I have Darvish and Kinsler regular chips but no Indians yet. Working on a gold Swisher though. I have some other stuff for you anyway, I'll send them out.

  2. I agree with Baseball Dad, I think the Pinnacle set is well done and a nice fit thematically with the 1992 days.
    I'm also a fan of the Chipz. Kudos to Topps for trying something new with those and the Qubi. Hope to pick some up someday myself.