Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ginter Smartypants

If you read The Daily Dimwit, and you'd be a dimwit not too, you know Sam busted a wee littl' bit o' Ginter. 

It turned out good for me because he pulled some stuff I needed.  

Stuff like these three Peacemakers.  That means I only need Lincoln, Clinton and Carter.

Sam threw in a couple of the First Americans minis.  I still need 8 of those and you can see the list right here.

My first 2013 Ginter relic is Elvis Andrus (I've since acquired an auto to go with this).  It's another boring white swatch, but such is the life of a team collector.  Gotta have 'em all.

Sam tossed in this Natalie Gulbis Goodwin relic that I asked for on one of his posts.  I don't know why I want it.  Maybe it's because she makes my sports pants go crazy. (Sorry mom).

Thanks for the great cards Sam.

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