Friday, November 22, 2013

Contest Time

Alright, this is a simple contest and the window to enter will be short so hop on in while you can.

I have two Ebay auctions going right now.

One is for the Avisail Garcia Ginter Red Ink auto I pulled earlier this year.

The other is for the remaining 1986 Fleer Basketball cards I picked up at the  garage sale earlier this year.

The link to the Garcia auction is here.

The link to the basketball auction is here.

The contest is easy.  Just guess the final auction price for the lot of !986 Fleer Basketball cards.  The person who gets closest to the final price will win a value pack of cards and some other stuff as it pertains to their personal collection.

The auction ends Sunday at 7PM Central time so I'm only leaving this open until Sunday morning at some time. Get your guess in before then!

Good luck and thanks for playing along.


  1. I will say $36.99. Good luck with your auctions, and thank you for the contest!

  2. Brian,
    Looks like both links lead to the A&G red auto

    my guess

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  4. After exhaustive research I say $56.27

  5. $74.34...but hope you get so much more!

  6. 13.25 Who buys basketball cards?

  7. I'm terrible at monetary guessing. The Price Is Right is evil.

    I don't know. 77 dollars?

    I also approve of DHoff's comment.

  8. $54.01 is my guess on the Basketball lot. What no Jordan? lol

  9. It looks to me like JediJeff is the winner here. Only $1.55 off.