Tuesday, November 19, 2013

That's how I feel about it too

Getting packages in the mail is definitely one of the top 5 things I love about having a blog.

Pudge thinks it's pretty cool too.  Either that or a certain someone just farted and he's completely grossed out.

I'd love to see the end of this play.  Maybe this Martinez fella scored  and was halfway to the dugout before Mike LaValliere ever opened his eyes!

Great Backstops?  You bet your old-timey chest protector Great Backstops!  Roger Bresnahan had a pretty good career, but the best part of the info on the back was that he invented shin guards for catchers.  He also improved the catcher's mask by adding leather padding to cushion the shock of foul tips.  Who says these are the tools of ignorance?  Sounds like a pretty smart guy to me.

As you can see here, Yu Darvish is spending the off season doing hard time in the Panini Federal Prizm.

This post was sponsored by The Junior Junkie.  Thanks for the great cards TJ!