Sunday, November 24, 2013

These cards are defective!

I've recently added a number of defective cards to my collection.  Notice I said cards, not cans.

Doing late night Ebay searches can result in some nice finds if people set their auctions up to end when most people are asleep.  I don't know why you would do that, but it's worked out nicely for me a few times.

Look, it's a nice Duke Snider mini.  You can't see the defective part unless I show you the back.

See, they forgot to put a number on the back.  Silly Topps.

How about a Brian McCann?  I just buy these to tick off Captain Canuck.

See, defective.  Not a card number in sight.

There are lots of defective Rangers cards.

The 2009 Hank Blalock and Michael Young are so defective, someone wrote numbers on the back!  Of course, being a little defective myself, I purchased two of the Alexi Ogando cards.  

As we all know, the no number minis are supposedly limited to a print run of 50.  I got a good deal on all of these.  Does anyone know why Topps stopped hand numbering these?  

Have a great day and watch our for defective cans (and cards!).  

By the way, I was just kidding Cap...


  1. I used to work in the printing business.
    If you send all of them to me, I can duplicate the factory numbers on them so they won't be defective anymore.

  2. touché my friend.

    unfortunately, the seller of that McCann would've charged me $13.55 to mail it to me in a pwe.

    1. I'm mad that he signed with the Yankees so I might just send it to you.

  3. DUKE IS NOT DEFECTIVE! Take it back!


  4. I am pretty sure I am not wrong here: I thought the no number cards we just that - no number. And that includes hand numbering. Only the Bazooka red backs have hand numbering. All the no number minis are limited to 50, but there should be no writing on the back at all.

    And I did a quick ebay search, at it appears just the 2009s were hand numbered. Hmm - learned something new.

  5. I forgot that Jackie Mason was in that movie. I need to rewatch that one of these days. The cards look nice too!

  6. I love late night eBay bidding. I've won some pretty sweet cards recently thanks to being a night owl, though not THE Night Owl. I'm not THAT good.

  7. I love late night eBay, but it can be addictive.