Thursday, November 21, 2013

The most expensive base card in my Ebay break regret

I recently watcher Topher over at Crackin' Wax do a Charity Case Break of Triple Threads.  I wasn't involved in the break because the buy in was a bit steep for me to spend all at one time.  As the break progressed I was immediately sick at my stomach that I didn't buy the Rangers.

Topher pulled a Jurickson Profar Jumbo Relic Book Card #1/3 AND a Mike Olt Autographed Triple Relic Plate White Whale #1/1.  Unbelievable!!  At least for me it would have been.

The samd night I watched that video, I was perusing EBay and came across an auction for the Rangers slot in a Triple Threads three box break that was ending in mere minutes.  I jumped in and made the highest bid and waited patiently for the break to start.

About 20 minutes and three boxes later, I was the proud owner of this card:

That's a $22.49 base card of one Yu Darvish.  Sweet right?  I know box/case breaks are a gamble, but I was very surprised not to get even a basic "hit" from the break.  The Rangers have the 3rd most hits in the product and are therefore usually well represented in the breaks.

I guess one good thing about this lesson is I haven't jumped in on any more case breaks.  I guess I could look at it this way.  How many blasters have I opened and gotten nothing I really wanted.  (At least those things provide trade bait!)

Oh well, live and learn I guess.


  1. At least you got something I remember getting in on one of Colbey's, from Cardboard Collections, high end breaks. I think it might have been the only one he ever did. I think it was Marquee or something on that level. I can't remember what the buy in was probably something around $20-30 bucks and I walked away with zip. That was a bummer.

    1. Wow. I always liked Colbey's cheap breaks.

  2. Bummer buddy. I've been there myself. I won't say I'll never join in a break again... but chances are I won't anytime soon. I'd rather use the money to buy singles I want off of eBay, COMC, or other card sites.

    By the way... congratulations on getting Fielder. He should smack 40+ next year.

  3. so I just bought into my first online case break... 10 cases, 120 boxes, 28,880 packs of 2013 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects.

    Here's the fun part .... $15..... and I get one guy.
    Not one team... one guy. At least I got to pick the guy, so I'm hoping it turns out well.
    Break happens sunday morning.

    1. That's interesting. Let us know how you did.

  4. Yep, know the feeling I got 2 common Ravens out of the box break I was in. Oh well win some loss some!

  5. I've never done an eBay break before. I guess I'm too cheap.