Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's cards like this that drive a team collector crazy

One of the joys of being a team collector is running across a card you've never seen before.  It can also be one of the frustrations of being a team collector.

Take this card for example.

If you look closely at the top left and right corners you'll see that this is a 1989 Tulsa Baseball Card Store/Z 104.5 Juan Gonzalez card.  You can probably guess that this set (?) wasn't even on my radar.  Does that mean I don't want them?  No way.  This thing is awesome.  It was put out by a card shop AND a radio station.  How cool is that?  I'll put it with my minor league/oddball stuff which I have never even organized other than to put it all together in one box.

This 1983 Fleer Sticker of Danny Darwin also wasn't on my radar.  Look how he had to prop his cap on all that hair!    The good thing about this is that Tom from The Angels, in Order sent along a stack of these with the team checklist so I know I'm only missing Charlie Hough and John Matlack.  Tom sent over all these cards plus way more cards than I could scan.

I guess the guys over at Classic didn't have the ability to lighten up the photos on these 1987 game cards.

This is one of my favorite cards of 2013.  I love that photo.

I don't know where Tom gets all this cool stuff.  This is a 1993 Tom Thumb/Dr. Pepper Arlington Stadium pin card.  These were giveaways at the stadium I think.  Each one came with a pin and this card came with pin #1 of 4.

This is the back of the card and talks about how Arlington Stadium was modified to meet the Major League minimum and goes on to mention that a crowd of 20,105 saw the Rangers beat the Angels 7-6 in the first ever regular season game.  Under the fold it tells you how you can get the full set of pins for $15 if you missed out on one or more.  Unfortunately the deadline was 12/15/93.

Missed it by thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat much!

Thanks for the great cards Tom!


  1. I have the pin somewhere. If I ever find it its yours!

  2. Whoa - that Juan Gonzalez card is sweet.

  3. There are so many local, and not so local, oddball sets out there, I don't think anyone will ever know about all of them !

  4. The Murphy card is great! It almost makes it seem like he is floating in outer space.