Tuesday, November 5, 2013

You should all get my mom to buy your blasters

My mother is a semi-frequent reader of this blog.  She doesn't know diddly about cards other than her over-grown child still likes the things.  She told me one time that she saw me mention my mother-in-law quite a bit and wanted to get in on the action.  I told her all she had to do was buy me a blaster of cards and she'd get a mention.  Of course, I had to tell her what I meant by "blaster of cards."

Well, mom went a little overboard and bought me a blaster of Topps Chrome and TWO Topps Mega Boxes.  Thanks mom.

Now for the critique.  For the few of you who haven't seen them yet, the 2013 Topps "Mega" Box is not accurately named.  Maybe it's just me, but 5 packs of regular Update and 2 packs of Chrome Update don't quite add up to "Mega".  The Chrome Update packs are supposedly only available in these Mega Boxes, but I still think the term is misused here.  Ok, enough critiquing.

I have to say, my mom did a pretty good job of picking out boxes.

Mega Box number one didn't have anything too noteworthy in the regular Update packs, but one of the two Chrome Update packs delivered quite well.

The 4 card pack had a perennial All-Star, two Rookie phenoms (ok, one phenom) and a gold refractor.

Anyone think Justin will be back to his normal self next year?  I do.

Alright, one less Ranger to chase down.

Some guy from Cuba.

Ok, I have an issue with the gold refractors.  If you're going to have gold refractors in the same product, the numbering should be the same.  If this was a regular Topps Chrome gold refractor it would #/50.  Since it's an Update gold refractor, it's #213/250.  Still, not a bad pack.

Mega Box number 2 was a little better, at least from a Rangers perspective.

I got two nice (and by nice, I mean more popular than your average card) cards in each Chrome Update pack.

Ok, the eye black is gone, but that hair...I guess I'm getting old.

I want to hate Trout since he plays for the hated division rival Angels, but he's so dang good.  I don't know when his contract is up but I hope the Rangers throw a HEAP of cash his way.  I know it's not going to happen, but a boy can dream.

Pack two yielded yet another, albeit different, Harper.  That's good since I'll be trying to collect the entire 55 card Chrome Update set.

How about two Mega Boxes, 4 Chrome Update packs and 2 Gold Refractors.  These are supposed to fall 1:11 packs so I beat the odds, even if it is a Yankee.  Maybe I can pretend it's a Derek Jeter card.

One of the regular Update packs yielded something I wanted, but wasn't going to pay a premium for so...

it's nice to check this Yu Darvish SP Variation off my imaginary checklist.

Ok, I'm not going to show off everything from the Topps Chrome Blaster my mom bought, but it took about two seconds to realize it wasn't your ordinary blaster.

It was one of those purple refractor hot boxes.  Every pack had nothing but purple refractors like Joe, Ryan and Adrian, with a couple of regular refractors like Dustin mixed in just to throw me off.

I didn't pull a single Ranger in that blaster, but I did pull some of your favorite teams so I'll be offering/posting them to see if you guys are interested in any.

Alright Mom, you did good.  Who knows, maybe I'll write another post about you in the near future.

If I'm lucky.


  1. Well, if you change your mind about the Chrome Update set, let me know. I want the Harper cards!

  2. for the love... why isn't your family buying lottery tickets???

    Hi Momma PATP!

  3. Gotta love the purples, well at least you have to if you like my team. Gausman is a pretty hyped rookie. I would check out the prices that thing is going for before writing it off. You might get enough for another mega box just off that card.

  4. You could have done a lot worse than getting that Gausman Gold Refractor!

  5. If the Soriano is available, I'd certainly be interested. I was at that game the photo is from too.

  6. Well, you know I'm interested in the purple dodgers.

  7. Would not mind the Verlander !! Thanks !! ( To Mom too) !

  8. Seems like the centering of those cards seem way off!

  9. Hi Mom at the Plate! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks I will!

      That was me talking in a high pitched voice.

  10. There's a Topps Chrome UPDATE? So unnecessary.

  11. I agree with you on the gold refractor numbering. It should be out 50 just like the regular set.