Monday, November 25, 2013

Night Owl made me do it

Back in mid-October, I had a contest for the masses to guess the yellow refractor I pulled from a pack of Bowman Chrome.  As you might remember, the yellow, or canary, refractors from Bowman Chrome are numbered out of 10.

It took a while, but Greg Zakwin finally guessed Tommy Milone #8/10.

That would be the back of Mr. Milone's yellow refractor.

Early on in the contest, Night Owl,  guessed that I pulled a Nelson Cruz yellow refractor and said I was a lucky dog.

Well, I didn't pull a Nelson Cruz yellow refractor, but I did find one on Ebay and since Night Owl said I should have pulled it, I decided to pull the trigger on the auction.

I picked up this shiny beauty for the price of a value pack.  It's #2/10 and will most likely be the only Bowman Chrome yellow refractor I pick up.  Prices are a little crazy and unless I catch one just right, I'll be happy with my Cruz.

All thanks to Night Owl.