Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another trip to my buddies house

I certainly didn't mean to imply that I was unhappy with my buddy about selling all those cards to another guy. As much as I would have loved a crack at the Aaron binder, he got more money from the other guy than I could have paid or that he would have charged me. He gives me amazing deals because we really are friends. We talk about cards, but we spend almost as much time discussing our families.

I went back today and got a bunch more great stuff. Along with a big batch of Rangers, I got two plastic boxes. One of these is full of 1966 Topps cards (along with eight 1959s). The other is a mixture of 1977s and some more modern stuff I got for packages I'm putting together.

When my friend found out I had been buying 5000 count boxes at my LCS for $5.50, he sold me two of them for $5.00 each. By the way, the two he sold me are stuffed with cards. I don't know what is in those boxes because I just took them and thanked him. Even if they are full of junk, it's still better than the LCS prices.

I'll be searching them tonight and let you know what I find.


  1. As usual a nice haul. Wow saving 50cents per box and getting them pre-filled is a deal.

  2. Come on !! There's really no such thing as "junk" ! It's all good.

  3. 5000ct. boxes stuffed with cards for $5? What is this world coming to? Can't wait to see what you find.

  4. Look forward to hearing what you find.

  5. I can't read you anymore, you're killin me!