Saturday, April 12, 2014

I spent $41.63 and this is what I got

I stopped by the home of the blue parallel on my way to see my LCS buddy last Thursday. The vendor who stocks the card aisle told me she didn't stock any Gypsy Queen because she had too much older stock to move. I just wanted one blaster to open and I really showed her by buying a Heritage blaster.

In your face vendor lady! (Hangs head in shame for buying blaster.)

That was $21.63

My buddy took me for a whole $20 for which I received the following:

2 5000 count boxes
1 complete set of Topps Archives 1953 reprints already in pages
1 800 count box of cards I picked
1 400 count box of cards I picked
1 plastic box of Rangers

I'd say I got a better deal from my buddy. I'd love to show off more of this stuff, but in addition to losing my flash drive, my computer crashed on Friday. My brother in law thinks it's the hard drive. Oh joy.


  1. I would take that deal with your buddy anyday

  2. With friends like that, who need an LCS !

  3. Coolness. The '53 Reprint set alone is worth the $20 you spent with the deal with your buddy. Actually I'd rather have that set for a little less since they are reprints and I already have the Senators from that set.

  4. Very cool purchase. Love the '53 Reprints. I have a few of the Yankees from that set and I plan to go after the rest some day. I agree with Kirk that set alone is worth the money you paid.

  5. Piggybacking on Baseball Dad's comment..

    With friends like that, who needs the vendor lady who refuses to stock a popular Topps baseball retail release because she obviously doesn't understand the hobby!

  6. Can't wait to see what cards you chose to fill up the 800 and 400ct boxes. Personally, I think the 1953 reprint set is worth the $20 alone... and everything else is gravy.