Friday, April 25, 2014

So this Queen walks into a Museum

This will be my last post until...well, until I get something I'm expecting in the mail.  It could come today, it could come a week from now.  Hopefully, you'll all feel it's worth the wait.  

As you know, I work nights.  Not evenings, nights.  11 PM to 7 AM.  Some nights are busy, some nights are not.  I generally have time to write a post or two and unfortunately, I also have some time to troll Ebay. I put a few of my hard earned tax return dollars to work over the last couple of weeks.  These aren't all the "treasures" I mined in the wee hours of the night, but they are the ones I managed to scan.

I was in the 5 box GQ break held by Judson over at My Cardboard Habit.  I did get a regular Derek Holland which was nice.  I decided to go out and get the Leonys Martin base auto.  It was pretty cheap. You can make out his last name nicely and he added his uniform number as well.

I also picked up a gold version of Derek Holland's auto.  It's #22/25.

Here is a prime example of what can happen if you "Ebay" late at night when you're tired.  A seller had two of these 2013 Topps Museum Nelson Cruz Primary Pieces cards up for sale.  I cut a deal for both.  This one is #30/99 and has a blue patch.  It could be from a number or the "Rangers" portion of the jersey.  It could be a blue tablecloth too.

This Cruz card is #22/99 and has a bit of red and white on a grey swatch.  You can't see the white part unless you're really looking for it.

That leads us to the 2014 Topps Museum cards.

I have to say, I'm a sucker for these Momentous Material cards.  The grey swatch isn't overly attractive, but it's big.  I don't understand all the levels of parallels, but this one is #31/35.

This is what I love about these cards.  That is a great big bunch of beautiful Ranger red.  Matt Harrison is supposed to make his first start of the season this weekend.  This is #37/50.

This is another plain grey swatch, but it's low numbered.  I made the seller an offer and he took it so this #6/10 Joe Nathan card will rest in my collection until I die and one of my kids sells the whole lot for $50 at a yard sale.

There are some really nice versions of this card on Ebay.  It's an Elvis Andrus, Adrian Beltre, Yu Darvish and Ian Kinsler Quad card.  As you can see, mine has two grey swatches, one white swatch and one wood chip.  Some of the others have nice patches and I'll be trying to add one of them as well.  

That's it for now.  I hope to have a good post up for you Monday, but if it doesn't happen until later in the week, just bear with me.  


  1. Those are some nice looking cards!

  2. Very nice looking cards. I too work midnights 7:30pm to 6am and do happen to troll eBay a bunch at night via phone and/or computer. Sometimes it can be dangerous.

  3. Nice pickups....down time + eBay = dangerous for wallet, but awesome for the collection!!

  4. Those giant swatches would look awesome signed!

  5. Great purchases. You got the best of both worlds... GQ with their on-card autographs and Museum with their awesome jumbo swatches. Very, very nice.