Thursday, April 24, 2014

These cards were made for WALKing

I've been rather absent from the blogosphere lately, but I have a good reason.  A reason I'll share with you next week.  I spent a little time last night commenting (47 times to be exact) on various blogs because I've been reading your blogs, but not commenting much lately.  That should rectify itself next week as well.

In the meantime, let's catch up with Matt.

Bob Walk the Plank is showing up all over the blogosphere.  His local post office employees probably know him by name.  I received another package from Matt and it was hit friendly.

Everyone remembers Eric Gagne as the three year closing machine for the Dodgers.  Between 2002-2004, he had 152 saves for the Dodgers.  People may not remember he had a brief stint with the Rangers in 2007, posting a 2.16 ERA in 34 games while saving 16.  He was traded to the Dodgers on July 31, 2007 for three players, including David Murphy.  Here is Gagne on a 2007 Allen and Ginter card with what must be a piece of a Dodger jersey (or clubhouse towel).

Marlon Byrd had a decent three year stretch with the Rangers between 2007-09.  He batted .295 with 40 homers and 212 RBIs with Texas.  Byrd is still in the Majors at the age of 36.  He's playing in Philly this year.

Michael Young retired after last season. This dual relic contains a real ticket stub and is numbered to somesuch on the back.  Sorry, I just can't remember.

Where o' where is Hank Blalock? Hank supposedly resides in San Diego.  Well, this low numbered die cut Hank Blalock resides in Dallas.

Matt, thanks so much for the cards.  I'm working on a return package.


  1. Nice cards. I wonder if the Rangers won that game against the Indians.

  2. Matt's one of the most generous bloggers out there. I still owe him a package too.

    1. Thanks Fuji! No hurry on any return. I'm around. Just glad to find good homes for cards.

  3. Glad you liked the cards! Already have a few other Rangers set aside that I think you might like.