Thursday, April 3, 2014

I nominate myself for "Most Forgetful Blogger of the Year"

I'm really bad about seeing a card on someone's blog and saying I could use that card or something similar.  I'm even worse about following up on that comment unless someone contacts me.

I recently had one of those back and forth conversations with Tony of Off Hiatus Baseball Cards and the recently started 1982 Topps Blog.  A few days later, I got a package in the mail with no name on the return address and no note inside.  This is recipe for disaster for me.  Unless you're one of the 3 or 4 people I mail stuff to all the time, I'm not going to recognize your address.  I opened the cards and one card stood out.

As creepy as a card of a 15 year old might be, this one fit right into my son's USA collection and he thought it was cool to have a card of a kid only 2 years older than him.  The reason this card stuck out in my mind was it was a 15 year old kid and I specifically remembered emailing SOMEONE about this card.  The problem is that I didn't remember who and with no note in the package, I couldn't remember who could have sent these cards.

The mystery man also sent a bunch of 1980 Rangers.

How about a Charles Johnson Team USA card?  I bought cards in 1991, but I don't remember seeing any of these.

This card meets both the USA and Rangers collecting criteria.  My son took it right to his room.

I didn't buy any Turkey Red this year and avoided a couple of box breaks just because the Rangers didn't have enough to make it worthwhile.  I'm glad to have this Mauer for my collection.

I'm also glad to have a few of the Rangers.  Jurickson "I'm out for 3 months" Profar looks happy for someone on the DL.

Big Prince in a Texas Uni.  No one fills out a card quite like Prince, but I think he's shed a good amount of weight.

Yu Darvish started the season on the DL, but he threw 80+ pitches in a simulated game and may be able to go this weekend.

I mentioned Tony at the top of this post because thanks to the search feature in my Outlook email, I was finally able to determine that it was Tony that sent the cards.  I also figured out I didn't send him anything in return, which is just like me.

Tony, I'll be looking for some stuff to send you.  Thanks for the cards and I apologize for the delay in getting a return package to you.

By the way, if I owe any of you cards, please let me know.  I will be going to post office soon.


  1. The 1991 Team USA cards were part of the 1991 Topps Traded Set.

  2. My bad -- I should have sent a note along with the cards. I'm really bad about not doing that, and I need to get better at it! I'm glad you figured it out, and I'm glad your son likes the creepy 15-year-old's jersey relic! :-)