Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to up-size your PWE

We've all been through the drive thru at the local fast food joint.  You place your order and that little voice says "hey, up-size your order because you aren't fat enough already".  What, you haven't heard that voice? Maybe that voice is only in my head.

I recently received a PWE that had been up-sized.  It wasn't just a card or two.  It contained 13 cards, but it was the way it was packaged that I found most interesting.

Mark Hoyle sent the cards like this:

How cool is that?  He put the cards in a sheet and cut the sheet into 3 pocket portions.  These fit perfectly in a full sized envelope!  He sent over these great 2014 stickers and a couple of 1975 Topps Minis.

Using the pockets to their fullest potential, Mark doubled up so he could send more vintage greatness. A 1971 Senator and a couple full sized '75s.

Mark has great taste in vintage cards and loves to share them.  You simply can't go wrong with these Senators.  Just so long as they are ending up in my mailbox.

The last three slots reveal three more Senators.

Mark spent 70 cents sending these cards and I can't help but think of all the times I've sent a similar number of cards for $2+ dollars plus the padded envelope.  Using the sheets is a brilliant idea really.

Thanks for the cards Mark.  I'm putting together an assortment of Red Sox for you!


  1. I can't take credit for that packaging . John over at Johnny's trading post turned mr on to that method. I love seeing old Senetors cards.

  2. I can't take credit for it either. I picked that "lil" idea up from OCT ( awesome place to trade for vintage cards and most all of the guys collect all the new stuff too.