Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The King of psychedelic minis

No one loves 1975 minis more than Night Owl.  That's why it's such a treat when he shares one with you.

This little gem will be heading to my catcher collection and eventually into a binder I hope.  I have to get more organized.

Night Owl isn't only about 1975 Mini's.  He'll throw down with Ginter minis too.  Like a few people he has a Franken mini set going.  I wonder if this Kinsler ever had a chance to make his Frankenset.

I scanned a bunch of other cards Greg sent, but instead of cropping and editing them, I thought I'd show what the whole page looks like and see how many other people scan like this.  I used to scan one card at a time with my old scanner and then discovered that was a terrible waste of time.  I started scanning 5 or 6 cards at a time.  I generally don't scan cards out away from the edges (like the Donruss Holland and Heritage Davis) just because it's so hard to get them oriented properly.

Thanks for the cards Greg.  As always, they are much appreciated and found a good home here in Texas.


  1. It also took me a long time to figure out the "multiple cards scanned at once" thing. We're not too bright are we?

  2. I used to scan 9 cards at a time. But my scanner had a setting that I could highlight the part of the image I wanted to save. So I would scan 9 cards then highlight them one at a time and save them as 9 individual scans. it was so much faster then scanning individual cards and nobody was the wiser.

  3. '75 minis rule! As for scanning... I recently adopted the 9 pocket page strategy for bulk scans. But I still scan most of my cards one at a time.

  4. I do the 9 pocket page scan myself and then crop the edges off. I do still scan individual cards when necessary.