Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crime Doesn't Pay

Last night the Texas Rangers rolled into Boston for a series with the Red Sox. The Rangers were matching their 4 game losing streak up against Boston's 5 game losing streak and SOMEONE was going to come away with the good feeling of knowing the streak was behind them.

The Rangers went on a crime spree against Tim Wakefield and Victor Martinez.

Elvis Andrus stole had 3 steals.

Nelson Cruz also had 3 steals.

Even the "old man" of the group had 2 steals. Vlad only had 2 steals in 100 games in 2009.

If Julio Borbon had reached base more than once, he surely would have added more than 1 steal to the total.

That's 9 steals for the Rangers, a new team record.

And it was all for naught. Oh, I know there were a few fantasy team owners that were happy with all the steals, but in the real world, thanks to Darren Oliver giving up the tying runs in the 8th and yet another Frank Francisco meltdown, the Rangers lost 7-6.

The losing streak continues, providing further proof that crime doesn't pay.


  1. One of my friends said the following...Ron Washington made a better decision when he decided to use cocaine than he did when he decided to stick with Frank Fransisco. I would tend to agree with that statement. I'd rather seen Neftali in that situation.

  2. I thought Neftali WAS the closer now? I'm confused.

  3. I got two steals out of Vlad...never would have expected.

  4. Wow, 9 steals without Borbon stealing a single one... What is the probability of that? I didn't see the game but man I would have loved to see Vlad swipe two bags... I picked Cruz as my BBA preseason MVP and out of 400 folks I think I was the only one to go with him. It would be awesome if he continues, it would make me look smart! By the way I love that Cruz card with the little tooth pick in his hands. Good stuff!

  5. The Feliz era will begin soon enough. Doesn't matter what he's getting paid. Not worth the losses.

  6. Dang, I was gonna send you that Andrus auto too.

  7. Borbon did have one steal...sorry if that wasn't clear.

    Long can still send me that Auto...I'm not opposed to DUPES...!

    Ryan, Neftali is the closer, Frankie gave up the winning run because he came in with the game tied.