Thursday, April 8, 2010

A few cards from reader Chris

I received an email from reader Chris about my 2010 Topps Wantlist post way back on Februrary 2nd. (Chris, forgive me if you have a blog, I didn't see mention of one in any of our emails).

After many emails back and forth and starting over a time or two, I sent Chris a Josh Beckett Jersey from 2009 Goodwin along with a few other goodies. He sent me a few Rangers and one card from the Wantlist.

This CYMTO insert of Kevin Youklis knocks one down off the wantlist. I'd like to finish that up before Series 2 comes out so if you have any of these, let me know.

Chris also sent over this:

This guy singlehandedly makes me question my desire to be a Team Collector. However, I still AM a Rangers team collector so this makes a quality addition to that end.

Chris, thanks for the trade and I hope we can work out another one soon.

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