Thursday, April 8, 2010

I bought it because I was bored

I was at the local Target and just happened to walk by the card aisle. Or maybe I walked straight to the card aisle. I forget.

I don't think I can purchase any more 2010 Topps Series 1. I have almost 3 complete sets, plus a ton of other base and insert dupes. I don't really want to buy any more Heritage. I'm nowhere near the complete set, but I'd rather trade for what I need.

So, I took the $10 I had to spend and bought one of those 10 pack things that hangs there as a last resort and sells for $9.99. It's the kind where some idiot, I mean hard working person, hot glues the packs to a piece of cardboard to keep them in place. The four packs I could see were 2007 Bowman, 2008 Heritage High Numbers, 2007 UD Series 2 and 2007 Fleer Ultra. I scanned one card per pack (or not) and lets see what turned up.

2003 Upper Deck Victory (big shocker here) 6 cards
These had a "collectible card gaming element". It says so right on the pack.

Shannon Stewart, Blue Jays--Single
Mo Vaughn, Mets--Ground out
Jim Thome, Phillies--Foul out
Jose Vidro, Expos--Walk
Matt Lawton, Indians--Homerun

Nomar Garciaparra Laying it on the Line Insert (1:5)

2007 Topps Opening Day 6 cards

Johnny Estrada, Brewers
Johnny Damon, Yankees
Chuck James, Braves
Carlso Zambrano, Cubs
Ryan Howard Puzzle

Stomper, A's mascot--That pack was so uninspiring I had to go with the card my kid liked best

2007 Topps 6 cards

Brian Stokes, Rays
Ubaldo Jimenez, Rockies
Juan Rivera, Angels
Charlie Manuel, Phillies
Carlos Lee, Astros

Ryan Howard, Phillies

2007 Topps Updates & Highlights 12 cards

Kelly Shoppach, Indians
Paul McAnutly, Padres
Damian Easley, Mets
Ruben Gotay, Mets
John McDonald, Blue Jays
Mickey Mantle Story #41
Abraham Nunez, Phillies
Alex Rios All-Star, Blue Jays
Kevin Slowey, Twins
Russell Martin, Dodgers
Dmitri Young All-Star, Nationals

Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Rangers--First Ranger and still barely scannable. (Is that a word?)

2007 Topps Updates & Highlights 6 cards--Same cards, different number as before

Edwin Jackson, Rays
Erick Aybar, Angels
Alex Rodriguez Season Highlights 500 HR Club
Dmitri Young, Nationals
Andy LaRoche, Dodgers
Matt Holliday All-Star, Rockies

I couldn't bring myself to scan any of those cards

2007 Bowman 10 cards

Carl Crawford, Rays
Jeff Francouer, Braves
Tim Hudson, Braves
Ian Kinsler, Rangers
Chuck James, Braves (again with the Braves!)
Leo Daigle 1st Bowman Card BP94, Orioles
David Haehnel 1st Bowman Chrome Card, Orioles
Habelito Hernandez, Reds
Adam Bass, Diamondbacks

Spike Lundberg 1st Bowman Chrome Card, Dodgers...I just liked the name.

2007 Fleer Ultra 5 cards..I like these cards. The photography choice is really nice.

Carlos Lee, Astros
Nick Markakis, Orioles
Jack Wilson, Pirates
Jamie Moyer, Phillies

Michael Bourn Rookie, Phillies

2007 Fleer Ultra Pack 2 5 cards

Eric Byrnes, Diamondbacks
Garrett Atkins, Rockies
Yuniesky Betancourt, Mariners
Jimmy Rollins, Phillies

Joe Mauer Hitting Machine, Twins--The best card in the package in my opinion.

2008 Heritage High Numbers 6 cars + 2 UH--No scans, this pack was too boring

Alexi Casilla, Twins
Cody Ross, Marlins
Jo-Jo Reyes, Braves
Sidney Ponson, Yankees
Jose Molina, Yankees
Gabe Gross, Rays
Scott Podsednik UH, Rockies
Jose Arredondo UH, Angels

2007 Upper Deck Series 2 5 cards

Aubrey Huff, Orioles
Randy Winn, Giants
Alejandro De Aza, Marlins
Antonio Alfonseca, Phillies

Johnny Damon Game Materials Jersey, Yankees

This pack doesn't have a guaranteed hit, but I pulled one anyway. Of course it has to be a Yankee.

Now, don't push and shove, but the Joe Mauer is the only card I'm adding to my PC so these are available if you need/want any of them.


  1. I have picked those things up and added them to my cart SOOOOO many times, but I always regain my sanity at the last minute and put them back. Pretty amazing that you pulled a relic card, too...
    I may get bored enough to buy one some day... I was at Target earlier today and I bought 2 packs of Topps out of boredom. Didn't get any cards I needed but I did a Topps Million card. I think I could use the Edwin Jackson 2007 UandH card if the mad rush hasn't claimed it already...

  2. I'd be in on the Scott Podsednik UH and any of your '10 Topps dupes that could fill my wantlist. I'm sure that I could find some cards for you.

    It's always great when you get an auto/relic out of a repack box. The best relic I own came out of a repack! If nothing else, you can trade it or throw it in with a contest.

  3. Troll--I'll throw in the Jackson with your prize pack when it goes out.

    Z--I'll send the Pods plus ALL of the base 2010 Topps off your list. I sent you an email.