Monday, April 19, 2010

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

So the Texas Rangers are in LAST PLACE! So what. Really, so what. No, not so what, it's not ok with me, but when your team is in last place and you just got swept by the Yankees (and people wonder why fans of other teams hate the Yankees) you look for the positive. I found the positive from this weekend's series with the *^&^&Kees.

On Saturday, Michael Young passed Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez as the Rangers All-Time Leader in multi-hit games. Michael Young now has 491 (492 after Sunday) multi-hit games. Young did it in only 1362 games, while it took Pudge 1504 games to get his 490 multi-hit games. Young's multi-hit games break down this way:

2-hit games---330
3-hit games---144
4-hit games---14
5-hit games---4

Michael Young has really solid career numbers after 10 seasons. He has 1,662 hits, 137 homers, 819 runs and 720 RBIs. His career batting average is .302. He has had 5 200+ hit seasons, including 221 in 2005. He's only 33, but he missed a few games last year due to injuries. It was the first time since his second year that he's missed any time.

Michael ranks in the top 5 All-Time Rangers in more than 10 hitting categories and will probably own the top spot in many of those if he stays with the Rangers. His next category to take the top spot in should be triples as he is one behind Ruben Sierra with 43.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Michael Young is the type of player fans, teammates and owners love. He plays hard, he's switched from second to short to third to accomodate the team bringing in other players and he's a good all-around guy. Oh yea, he's a pretty decent player too. He also just happens to be my favorite current Ranger.

Congratulations Michael!

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  1. I too am a fan of Michael Young and always appreciated his talents and positive attitude toward the game. He seems to be struggling a bit this season but I hope he will come back to his all star form.