Monday, April 12, 2010

My best MCG Trade yet

I've been trying to avoid doing too many Topps Million Card Giveaway posts. It seems that with just a few exceptions, people may be tiring of that topic. However, I had a trade offer when I got to work last night that was pretty amazing in my opinion.

First, a little background. So far, I've completed 25 trades where I made an offer. I've probably made well over 100 different offers. Usually, I'm attempting to get Rangers, Senators, '73s or vintage catchers. I've gotten some good cards from Tim over at GSNHOF and I helped one blogger (I don't remember who) who was trying to trade year to year to go from 1987 to 1952. I don't know how he's doing though. I've completed a number of trades where offers were made to me, but the site doesn't track those for you. I've probably received 50 different offers for my '69 Tony Oliva card, most coming from the same 4 or 5 people. The last offer that I rejected was 9 cards, all from 2002 or later.

Here is the breakdown on the cards I have (after the trade I'm going to mention):

'86 and newer-7

When I arrived at work Sunday night, I did what I usually do after the weekend. I looked through the blogs to catch up and then I logged in to the Topps site to check for trade offers and the status of offers I've made.

I know, at this point you're wondering...."Didn't he just say he's at work?" Yes, but I do work stuff too....

I saw a couple of offers for cards when I logged into the site. The first one was that 9 card offer for the Oliva. I declined that one quickly. There was also a 4 card offer for this card:

I aquired this 1955 Chuck Stobbs card from someone else before I realized that pre-1960 Senators (or Nationals as this card says) went on to become the Twins, not the Rangers. I still liked it for the cool "W" logo on the capitol dome, plus it's a '55, something I don't have in my collection. I saw the 4 cards offered for Stobbs and happily sent him on to be in someone else's portfolio. Here is what I received on my end of the deal.

1964 Woody Held
1963 Sam McDowell

1962 Bob Shaw

1961 Joe McClain

That is one sweet deal if you ask me. Unless of course, someone comes along and tells me that Stobbs card was one of only 25 copies in the whole world.

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  1. Great stuff! I've interviewed Shaw.

    The rest of the cards I have in my TMCG portfolio are so pathetic that I rarely get offers and I've pretty much stopped checking.