Monday, April 26, 2010

First Ever Play at the Plate Poll!!

I know, exciting right? The poll is up on the right if you're so inclined to answer.

The reason I put the poll up is because I redeemed my last two holdout codes Sunday afternoon. I noticed Sunday morning that Mr. Eisner flipped the vintage switch and almost every card that was popping up was late '60s or 1971. I wanted to redeem my last two codes, but I was miles away from home. When I did get home I checked the Transmorgrifier and it was still discharging vintage cards so I entered the first of the codes. This is what I got:

Oooh, a 1966 Topps Gaylord Perry's brother card.....I mean Jim Perry card.

Hey, I couldn't resist using the other code after that and this came up next:

A 1971 Phil Hennigan. Not too shabby and way better than a 2007 Adam Lind. Nothing personal Adam.

On a side note, I've completed 30 trades where I made the offer and probably another 5-10 where someone made me an offer. I'm all for making trades and you never know what you can get unless you make an offer. I did get a good laugh over the weekend when someone offered me a 2007 Ryan Howard for my 1952 Bruce Edwards.

Ok, enough rambling. Vote in the poll if you want to...and bring on Series 2.

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  1. Gaylord's the HOFer but Jim was no slouch. Has was 2nd in the ROY voting to Bob Allison his rookie year, was an AS several times, and won the 1970 Cy Young. Nice pull! (if the million card stuff can be called a 'pull')