Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Rookie (Baseball) Card Surprise

Sarah from A Rookie (Baseball) Card Collector fame contacted me about my Heritage wantlist and said she had a couple of cards for me and wanted to send me a card that needed a temporary home. I said sure, it sounds good to me. She sent me three cards off my list including:

2010 Heritage Lance Berkman--I believe I've made it fairly clear that I think this set is boring. I'm still trying to put the base set together so checkout my wantlist on the side or go help out the Troll who put up his list as well.

She also included a card that is well traveled. So far it has been to the following places around the blog-nation.

Dublin, CA
Queens, NY
Wheeling, IL
Edgefield, NC
and now Dallas, TX

Trade Bait started this 2009 Goodwin Curtis Granderson on a barnstorming tour around the country. I do believe I'll be sending this one on it's first overseas trip. Where would that be you ask? Stay tuned to Trade Bait's blog to find out.

Sarah, thanks for the cards and including me on the "Grand" tour.

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